Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today in Hockey History

1911 - Stanley Cup: Ottawa Senators beat Galt (Ont), 7-4

- Stanley Cup: Quebec Bulldogs sweep Moncton (NB) in 2 games

1918 -
1st NHL championship: Montreal Canadiens beat Toronto Arenas, outscoring them
10-7 in a 2 game series.

  • 1922 - NHL Championship: Toronto St Pats (above) outscore Ottawa Senators 5 to 4, in 2 games. Game 2 was a scoreless tie thus giving Toronto the O'Brien Cup as NHL Champions and the right to face the Vancouver Millionaires of the Pacific Coast Hockey League for the Stanley Cup.

  • 1925 - NHL Championship: Montreal Canadiens (above top) sweep Toronto (St Pats) Arenas in 2 games.
  • This series was originally not for the NHL Title/O'Brien Cup.
  • The third seed Montreal Canadiens played against the second seed Toronto St. Patricks in a total goals series. The winner of that series was to go on and play the first seed team, the Hamilton Tigers (above bottom). But it was not to happen that way. During the total goals series, the Hamilton players demanded $200 each for the extra six games played during the regular season and the league threatened to suspend the players and the team. Last ditch efforts to reach a compromise failed and the Tigers were suspended. It was suggested that the Ottawa Senators be included in the playoffs, but Charlie Querrie and Leo Dandurand cited a fourth place finish didn't qualify Ottawa a playoff berth and it was decided that Montreal and Toronto played for the league title. NHL president Frank Calder announced that the Canadiens played home games at the Forum, but Leo Dandurand said that they would be played at Mount Royal Arena unless it were necessary to move to the Forum, citing home games were home games, and the Canadiens played better in front of their own fans. Calder backed down from his stand. Montreal won the series against Toronto and earned the right to play the Victoria Cougars for the Stanley Cup.

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