Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3rd Jersey (Part 1)

Earlier this week I stumbled on a picture of the St Louis Blues 3rd jersey that they never did get to wear and for good reason it was horrible.
It might have made a good jersey to sell to the fans but not for a professional team to wear in competition. See below.

Now speaking of 3rd Jersey's there were some nice ones that year but the "alternate" jersey didnt really get a good upgrade until the last few years, like the LA Kings of recent seasons.

However, the Kings did try this little design in 1995

Then there were the 1980s Vancouver Canucks who decided this would be a good look and not as an "Alternate" but as the regular road sweater. Well at least it got them to the Finals.

Then they modified the look in the 1990s and made the finals again.
As we neared the end of the 90s the Canucks had new ownership, who owned a company called Orca Bay, they made a drastic change to the entire logo and jersey colors and brought in high priced talent and did not make it to the finals.
As we move into the 2010-11 season the Canucks have gone back to the future with the color scheme from the original Canucks jerseys. The have added an alternate jersey that is a replica of the first ones worn as an expansion team in the 1970s with the simple sleek hockey stick logo.

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